A Community of Realistic Optimists

a Community of
Realistic Optimists
a Community of Realistic Optimists

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a perspective / mentality of realistic optimism that empowers authentic relationships, meaningful productivity, and genuine happiness

The Book The Posifocus Perspective

The Posifocus Perspective - paperback“When I was 15 years old, I thought I was all-knowing and bulletproof. And by the time I turned 18, I was sure of it. Then, as it so often does, life happened. I moved away from home, graduated college, started my career, got married, and then divorced. In strict accordance to the accepted formula for how to succeed in America, I had done what I was supposed to do.

Yet, there I was: Financially successful, unhappy and alone.

Rather than take on a victim mentality and blame the world for my problems and the lack of meaning in my life, I decided to change course. Instead of blindly following the self-serving advice that got me into this situation, I chose a new perspective.”

The Posifocus Perspective combines a realistic view of the way things are with an overly optimistic look at the way things could be, in order to empower positive life change. The result is an exponential increase in authentic relationships, meaningful productivity, and genuine happiness.

From family and friends to work and spirituality, Omar J. Bravo invites you on a journey of reflection through complex topics and real world situations to help you accomplish your goals and live a life full of passion and purpose.

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The App Posifocus Priorities

Posifocus Priorities AppThe Posifocus app not only helps you organize all of your obligations and responsibilities, but it helps you get in the right state of mind to stay focused on what is most important and be meaningfully productive with your time. So rather than just surviving the daily grind, you will be thriving in a life full of purpose and meaning!

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The Group Posifocus Community

Community is Everything.

Fame. Fortune. Status. Security. They are all worthless.

Unless, you have someone to share them with.

As I reflect back on my life and recount the happiest of times, they all involve other people. From family vacations, to my wedding day, to the birth of my daughter, I couldn’t have experienced any of them alone. This is not to say that I’ve never been happy in solitude, but when I’ve been the happiest, sharing my joy made it all the better.

In 2012, Posifocus started as an online "praise board" where people were invited to simply share what they were grateful for in a supportive environment. Today, even though Posifocus has morphed into a mentality / perspective / book / app, the core community element is as vital as ever.

So, if you believe that in contributing to a positive, encouraging, authentic, supportive community can add value and meaning to your life, I invite you to join our group on facebook. You can share both your wins and lessons learned, along with celebrate the wins of others.

The fact is, we all need each other.  For love, for joy, and for meaning in our lives. Community is everything.  Nothing else matters. #sharewhatsgood #neverdolifealone

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