Don’t Miss It

I’ve always been a dreamer. For what I would be when I grew up to all the places I’d like to travel to. From what kind of car I would love to drive to what my teenage kids would one day be like. And the crazy part is that most all of my dreams eventually come true. From my first career job as a Software Engineer in Silicon Valley, to my fourth job as an International Missionary in India, to my eight job as an Educator in my home town – getting to eat lunch with my elderly parents everyday, whatever I was able to dream up and envision eventually became my reality.

And though I still don’t have a ’57 Corvette and I still haven’t made it to Machu Picchu, I walk around with a confidence that it is only a matter of time standing in between me and whatever that next dream may be; which is amazing and an obstacle all at the same time.

While confidently believing that your dreams will almost always come true is a blessing for obvious reasons, this belief has the power to steal your focus. For every moment you spending thinking, planning, preparing, and working toward your future, you are sacrificing your time in the present. Even though this preparation and hard work is necessary as dreams don’t become reality simply by wishing for them to come true, there is a fine line between working towards a goal and worrying about a future that you can’t control.

Last night, after Bonnie and I tucked our three daughters into bed, I laid down on the floor of their night-light lit room as we do every night until they have all fallen asleep. But this time, rather than just pull out my phone and surf, I decided to sit up and do a little meditation. As I relaxed to the sound of crashing waves coming from their white-noise sound machine, I focused on the still small voice of God that is always present, but often drowned out by the world.

After about just a minute or two, I asked God what She wanted to tell me today and She immediately responded: “Don’t miss it”.

Yes, your dreams and desires are important and planning, hard work, and dedication are necessary for goals to be accomplished, but today you are living your dreams from ten years ago! What good is it to accomplish your dreams if you never take the time necessary to focus on both the fruits of your labor and the gifts God has blessed you with?

While you’ve had to work hard to provide food and shelter for your family, the miracle of your healthy children comes not by your hand. It is a divine gift that should be cherished whole-heartedly! So work when it is time to work, but do not work when it is time to enjoy!

Now is the time to be present in your dreams that have already come to fruition.

Don’t miss it.

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